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Collaboration artworks


Tim van Eeneennaam

„In my works light plays the leading role, the play of light and shadow, the changing incidence of light during the day. I am constantly looking for new forms to create depth in an often white surface by building a work in layers of glass and paper or by folding patterns.“ Tim van Eenennaam – Instagram

„Through my love for clear and filigree shapes and especially for colors, I am always inspired by nature, people and animals. My goal is to inspire people to pause, linger and dream.“ Christine Wiegelmann – Instagram

„In 2009 Israel founded „El Mundo Papel Art Shop“, a creative space for workshops and art exhibitions in Lima. In 2017 he moved to Germany and his heart found a new home in the Black Forest. El Mundo Papel ( The Paper World ) is an art project inspired by life, travel and nature. Israel works with ink, pens, watercolor and photography.“ Israel Sucro – Instagram

Sanna Larsson – artist from Luleå, Sweden


„I paint everything that touches me. From time to time these are critical events, because art does not have to be pleasing. On other days, special colors inspire me and I prefer the abstract. When I’m not painting, I’m out in nature, gathering new impressions, taking pictures or enjoying time with friends and family. My motto in life is: „Everything is possible“ and I firmly believe that only conditioning and thoughts hinder us.“ – Carolin Bernhard 


„this is Julia Schneider speaking … I mean … writing … ehhh … drawing! This is exactly what I prefer to do.“ – Julia Schneider